Step by step installation of HyperNOMAD

The installation of HyperNOMAD can start once the package is downloaded and the prerequisites installed. The package contains a Makefile responsible for builinding the binaries. To start the installation, you need to execute the following command:

    building HyperNOMAD ...

    To be able to run the example
    the HYPERNOMAD_HOME environment variable
    must be set to the HyperNOMAD home directory

When the compilation is successful, a message appears asking to set an environment variable ‘HYPERNOMAD_HOME’. This can be done by adding a line in the file .profile or .bashrc :

export HYPERNOMAD_HOME=hypernomad_directory

Check that the installation is successful

The executable hypernomad.exe is located in the bin directory. You can check that the installation is successful by trying to run the commad

$HYPERNOMAD_HOME/bin/./hypernomad.exe -i

which should return the following informations:

  HyperNomad - version 1.0
  Using Nomad version 3.9.0 -

Run           : hypernomad.exe parameters_file
Info          : hypernomad.exe -i
Help          : hypernomad.exe -h
Version       : hypernomad.exe -v
Usage         : hypernomad.exe -u
Neighboors    : hypernomad.exe -n parameters_file